Private chalets in Val d’Isère

Located together at the entrance to the village, and connected by an inner walkway, Le Black Pearl & Le White Pearl chalets bring the spirit of Le K2 Collections to Val d’Isère.

Cosy private cocoons surrounded by the Solaise and Bellevarde massifs, they offer a perfect balance between modern design and the authenticity of a warm atmosphere and bespoke service.

Wellness is key, and the large spaces and dedicated staff are the unique trademarks of real hotel expertise which ensure your stays reflect the excellence of Le K2 Collections. 

Wood and stone, cosy sofas and velvet feel cushions, soft fabric and a fireplace are all part of the mountain hospitality, underlined by the high-grade materials and the exquisite taste of sophisticated design. The ivory and silver colours of Le White Pearl provide a soft and peaceful atmosphere reflected by the falling snowflakes. Anthracite and black tones in Le Black Pearl give a resolutely cosy and select atmosphere. Black or White, the happy warmth of these two family homes will give your memories a touch of happiness.

A personal chef, butler, swimming pool, hammam, a home cinema and a ski room supplement the luxury services of these two rare pearls.

Chalets & Services
Chalets & services